Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Campari Calendar - fashion and photography create passion

Click on each board to enlarge and read .... will be worth it!

This is a concept for a Campari Calendar worked on and originated by Marcal Prats on my Art direction course last year. Marcal submitted it to the Campari International brand director in Milano. It was liked but not taken up. Marcel has just given me his permission to publish his idea. I think it is a brilliant concept and absolutely in keeping with the vision of the Campari drink brand. The death of Cleopatra is dramatic and moving but maybe not the message for a glamourous drink to impart, perhaps this is what put them off the idea.
However most great love stories are tragic - take for example Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story.  Love is a topical subject at the moment after the success of the Royal Wedding - we also have Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, and Lilly Allen getting married soon. 

Copyright Marcal Prats

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